See below for our inventory of fabrics. You can choose from any of the fabrics below or select one from Modern Fabrics . Please subscribe to our blog as we will continually update it with new fabric finds! Also feel free to leave us a comment about what you’d like to see from us, we welcome all suggestions!

Luna Textiles / Downtown /Wells

Luna Textiles / Charm / Shadow – Material is made out of 100% Bamboo

A Braemore Design / Screen Print

Fabricut / Amazo

Luna / Propeller / Newsprint

Momentum Textiles / Inhabit / Shale

Momentum / Charade / Quarry

Cowtan & Tout

Brentano: Ballroom Flamence – Velvet (stain & water resistant)

Knoll Luxe: Garden City – Franklin

Pallas: Seeking Truth

ArcCom: Network Charcoal01


Knoll: Zoom Light

DesignTex: Biba Snowflake Obsidian

DLS: Classic Cloth


Love what you see? Leave a comment!

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