I rub, you rub, we all rub.

What’s all this talk about rubbing you ask? Well, in the commercial design world all fabrics go through a series of tests to determine their durability to heavy use in public spaces. All the fabrics that we have in inventory and plan to make pillows with have gone through this test known as “Wyzenbeek”. Basically what happens is a wire mesh screen is used to abrade the surface of the fabric in a backwards and forwards motion and then in a circular motion. The test goes through cycles of 5,000 double rub increments and then is reviewed and if it has not failed then the test is continued. We typically look for textiles to be at least 30,000 double rubs and alot of the ones we have in our inventory are 100,000 double rubs or more! A whole lot of rubbing! So why the education lesson? Well, we will be including this information in all our postings of completed pillows or upholstered headboards to sell so you can see how strong the pattern is and know that what you are buying will stand up to your kids, your dogs, your late night chocolate ice cream fix and even that crazy Uncle that shows up unannounced.


Upholstered Headboard

Many may not know this but we love making Headboards! Nothing better than one that is custom made with the fabric of your choosing. All headboards created will include secure mounting brackets. Check out the headboard created for Emma!