Monkey Business!

Our inaugural design challenge is complete! Here’s a brief introduction into this new phase of our business that we’ve happily called, Design Challenges; have a piece of your kid’s art that you’d like to see in the form of a doll or toy? We can do it. Have a piece of furniture that you’re not sure what to do to make it fabulous? We can help with that. Have design questions that you can’t seem to find the answers for? We can help with that. Bring on your design challenges!

And now for the first design challenge…

We had a very specific request from a loving father and Architect friend who wanted to turn his daughter’s “monkey art” from daycare into a real doll that his sweet girl, Indiana could play with. Art to reality, how cool is that for a child to see it’s work turn into something they can hold and play with?!

Here is the original artwork, slightly faded from being proudly on display near a large window. Isn’t he cute?!

Here is a progress shot after Indiana’s name was stitched to the tail.

And now for the finished product!

We had so much fun with our Monkey Business design challenge and welcome many more design challenges; bring them on! These projects are very rewarding as you can see from our happy little customer appreciation photo below.


Love what you see? Leave a comment!

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